The Perfect Kit for Beginners
The Perfect Kit for Beginners

The Perfect Kit for Beginners

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Staying home, have free time on hand, and want to pick up a new hobby? Well, you’re in luck! Introducing Outline’s first ever starter kit, where we do the material sourcing, and you channel your energy into creating.

Our starter kit consists of:
1. Sculpey Premo Clay Multipack (12 colours)
2. Outline Cutters (5 x 17mm, 3 x 34mm cutters that comes in a holder) 
3. Outline Work Surface
4. Acrylic Clay Roller
5. Craft Precision Knife
6. Tissue Blade
7. E6000 Glue
8. Jewellery Findings (5 pairs)
9. Meet-your-tools introductory guide

*Note: This is not a tutorial, but you can check out the abundant online resources that will be listed in the guide*

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